The 20

The 20 specialises in bespoke performance marketing strategy. We excel in utilising paid social to deliver effective campaigns that drive leads and conversions. Our focus on quality and communication sets us apart in the competitive digital marketing landscape.

Here at The 20, we love the Pareto Principle which means our focus is always on the 20% of strategies that drive 80% of the results.

How we work

Test and Learn

We work with you to fine tune the campaign strategy that works for you and your audience. We start to gather insights and implement changes after as little as 2 weeks.

Pareto Principle

We focus on the 20% of the strategies that bring 80% of the results. We start to focus on the 20% within the first 4-6 weeks.

Clear and concise communication

Because it's not the long fluffy slide decks that are bringing in 80% of the conversions.


We have worked in and optimised millions in budgets across a wide range of verticals such as eCommerce, Recruiting Tech, Beauty, HR Services and Insurance.

We have worked with a natural skincare brand. As an example, we were able to generate over 300 leads in 2 months for a client who needed to increase bookings for in-store beauty treatments.

We helped performance recruiting platforms generate applicants through paid social and other channels. As an example, we created a new campaign structure which led to a 55% decrease in the cost per applicant.

For a health insurance company, we generated a significant number of leads in a matter of weeks at a very low cost.


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